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The formation of something by appropriate arrangement of parts or elements : an assembling into a whole


the shape or proportionate dimensions especially of an animal.

As dog sports become increasingly varied and popular, it is becoming more recognised that many of the stipulations within breed standards are in fact important in producing dogs which are resistant to injury, and wear and tear. This is something that our kennel takes a strong interest in. Issues like arthritic pasterns, cruciate ruptures, sprains and muscle tears can all be reduced by correct structure of the dog. This can only be achieved at the foundational level by breeding correct conformation. 

If your dog isn't built right at a fundamental level, something as simple as playing fetch in the local park can put your dog at risk such injuries as spinal, limb and shoulder injuries.

This is why Dalsano takes an interest in the breed standard, dog showing and the angulation of our dogs' structure. When dogs are bred carefully to the breed standard, they are being bred with fitness and longevity in mind.

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