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Risks Associated with Irresponsible Breeding

We have taken a stand against breeding for non-standard colours and coat types. There has recently grown a trend for owners to want to own the most unusual colours or coats on their dogs however these people do not realise that what happens in the background to make these colours is often unethical.

In order to produce, for example, lemon dalmatians, the breeder must find two lemon carriers. This trait is relatively rare meaning that they must throw away considering all other attributes of the dog like temperament and health just in order to produce a fad colour. These pups can crop up on occasion in some litters and of course there is nothing wrong with these puppies at all, but we feel that breeding solely to make rare coloured dogs is bad practice and the sort of behaviours that many unethical breeders partake in. The same is true of tricolour, long coat and miniature dalmatians.

More concerning is that due to these features being so rare, around 1%, in order to breed these features deliberately, the breeder is most likely using very related dogs - much like breeding cousins together repeatedly. This is clearly a way to introduce congenital disease.


None of this is done for the dogs' health and we will not be associated with deliberate off standard breeding.

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