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Dalsano Puppies

Planning for Dalsano puppies begins as much as a year ahead of our litter arriving. We carefully select a stud who complements our girl nicely in structure, activity level, character and age. We feel that the pups will have the best start if they arrive already prepared for life with genetics from healthy and well adjusted parents.

We focus on making sure our bitch stays in excellent condition before she comes into season and throughout the pregnancy. We like to use hydrotherapy to keep her in top shape without putting strain on her joints.

Once our babies arrive, it is time to switch our focus to the socialisation of our pups. We use the Puppy Culture socialisation programme to help us expose our pups to all sorts of things they will encounter when they leave us and go home with you.


Our socialisation plan starts from Day 3 of their lives when we begin ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation). It's no time at all before they are learning to sit for attention, understand clicker training and have their foundational house training under their belts!  

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