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Tuukka is our home bred boy from our first litter. He is a super confident boy who loves playing with new people just as much as new dogs. He has shown vast potential for sport and competition and has been very quick to pick up new ideas from the offset. He has already laid down the foundations of obedience and water sports, even doing his first dockdive at only 7 months old. Tuukka is keen to try his paw at anything and everything. 

His first endeavours will be in things which are puppy suitable as we don't believe in pushing our dogs in physical sports until they are fully grown.

- Obedience 

- Water sports

- Formal Retrieving to feed into other disciplines 

- Body Conditioning Work (this activity is like doggy yoga)

Tuukka will be seen in the ring once he has attended some formal ringcraft classes which have been postponed due to covid restrictions.

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