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Showing Our Dogs


Both Chris and I were new to showing when we got Dalmatians. We attended several ringcraft clubs and had assistance from many other Dalmatian breeders. Handling skills are something that come with time and something you can always improve on. If you would like any assistance in getting started please let us know and we would love to help out where we can!

Enzo Bournemouth Movement.jpg

Enzo has been showing since the tender age of 6 months! He qualified for Crufts at only 7 months old and has been from Edinburgh to Bournemouth and everywhere in between. He is a natural showman but sometimes a bit of a clown.


His favourite move is trying to sneakily lick the judge as they check him over!

Enzo loves to show and we look forward to doing much more with him after the Covid 19 Lockdown.


Siren has competed a very limited number of times.


She does attend shows and watches her uncle Enzo, and sometimes even her son,  Tuukka competing.


You can normally find her cuddling other exhibitors near the benching area. She absolutely loves fuss.

Tuukka's start was very much affected by covid and he is just beginning to attend shows. We are very proud of his confidence and the leaps and bounds he takes forwards.

We hope he will partake in other sports down the line but there is no rush for our dogs with any activities.

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