Dalstorm Future Formula

Since puppyhood, Enzo has always had a standout temperament. He is kind and gentle with all dogs. At our vet practice he has been used as a demo dog for students. He is tolerant of any new experience I put him in and I simply could not ask for a sweeter, more enjoyable dog. He is exuberant and playful.


Since he turned 12 months we have slowly exposed him to the new sports and activities we have planned for him. He is currently working on:

  • Carriage Dog Work

  • Agility

  • CaniX

  • Gundog work

  • Tracking


We hope to be able to compete in Obedience and Dryland mushing somewhere down the line too. 

Alongside being a fabulous hiking companion and sport prospect Enzo has been extremely promising in the show ring too. He qualified for Crufts 2019 at the age of 7 months and has placed in several Champ shows since.

We expect to see big things from this boy as he matures