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We believe that the very best nutrition you can give your dog comes from a balanced fresh food diet. Not only is it cost effective, natural, healthier for their digestive system, but it is also enriching.

LUA Dalmatians do not require any special feeding compared to other breeds, they are able to eat offal and digest purine. We still opt to feed our LUA Dalmatians fresh food as we feel it is generally the best option for all dogs.

More than 80% of Dalmatians in the world are HUA, a short way of saying that they are at risk of stones due to hyperuricosuria. In order to prevent them from developing uric acid crystals, sludge and stones in their bladders, we must manage them slightly differently, feed them a special diet which is low in purine. We also must give them extra hydration and more elimination opportunities (chances to urinate). 

We recommend the Facebook page Raw Fed Dalmatians to all Dalmatian owners to help you get started on your journey in planning your dog's diet. 

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