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Showing Career

Tuukka loved his first show day and had an excellent experience, especially after his very limited exposure to training classes (due to covid).

Since he has matured more, we are now working on his ability to stand still for judges and are allowing him to take to this in his own time. He loves being in the ring and is moving beautifully. He also thinks any applause is for him!

His favourite part is watching the girls compete and saying hello when they finish their classes.

From Spring 2023 we will be training in agility with the intent to compete.

31.07.21 - British Dalmatian Club Championship

VHC Puppy Dog

12.06.22 - Ashfield Canine Society Open

VHC Yearling Dog

29.10.22 - Midland Counties Championship

Competed in Special Beginner Dog Class

03.12.22 - British Utility Breeds Championship

[did not attend due to tail sprain]

04.12.22 - Burton on Trent Kennel Association Open

[did not attend due to tail sprain]

10.12.22 - Ladies Kennel Association Championship

Competed in Graduate Dog Class

28.01.23 - Welllingborough & District Open

2nd Post Graduate Breed, Reserve Best of Breed

04.02.23 - British Dalmatian Club Open

Competed in Novice Dog Class

18.02.23 - Joint Dalmatian Club Championship

Competed in Post Graduate Dog Class

25.02.23 - Newark & District Canine Society

Competed in Post Graduate Breed Class

12.06.23 - Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

1st in AV Utility Brace (with Dalfire Cian Flame at Dalsano)

23.07.23 - York CA Open

1st Post Graduate Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, 1st AV Utility PG

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