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'A' Litter Weekly Updates

Week 1

In the first week our focus has been on making sure every pup is gaining weight, being toiletted regularly and they get rest in between feeds. You will find some headshots on our Gallery Page

We are also clipping and filing their tiny nails every other day as they have a habit of scratching one another when they fight for milk. This is a natural behaviour and not one we discourage as it is part of the normal development of strong and healthy puppies. We just have to limit any scratches they can make on each other.

Week 2

We have just completed our second week with our pups and the first thing I can think is that we've already spent 25% of the time we will get to enjoy with most of our pups. Their eyes are finally open and some of them can respond to sounds too! We have introduced toys and we switch these every day to give them new experiences.

DNA swabs were taken this week to test our pups for the LUA gene. This is the first piece of information which will help us to match them to their new homes.

The pups have also begun their toilet training and are learning to get off their bed to wee and poo. At this stage they can only hold it for a few seconds but by giving them a smooth and absorbent surface to toilet on, we are giving them the opportunity to engage with this natural instinct and begin training.

Week 3

Our puppies are becoming much steadier on their feet and have taken over two rooms now in preparation for their first access to the garden which will come soon. They are taking treats from hands now and later in the week will learn to sit for their treats to begin the development of interactive training and development of manners. They have begun to play with toys together and react to their dinner call.

Week 4

The first visitors have been meeting the litter and they are delighted to play with their new friends. Everyone has teeth now so we are introducing new treats, chews and foods. There are also some videos of our startle training on our Facebook page. This teaches the pups not to worry about strange new experiences.

Siren has slowed the milk supply down now as they are eating solids too now but they still love their morning and evening feeds as well as a top up for some of the chubby babies throughout the day.

We will allow her to wean the pups in her own time so she is welcome to free access in and out of their pen at her own discretion. 

Week 5

The babies have now been experiencing the outside world both from the garden and from walks up and down our street in our arms. They particularly like to play in our front garden and dig in our gravel! Toilet training has really taken off with very few accidents throughout the day now and some holding their bladders for an hour or so. Our BAER testing will be carried out shortly and will allow us to make further considerations on which pups will be most suitable for which homes. For the most part, unilateral hearing (one deaf ear, one hearing ear) does not affect pets at all. 

Week 6

We now have most of the information we require to pick our homes although we will still be watching their personalities develop and using this information to help us guide prospective homes to the right match.  The BAER test for deafness will give us the final information and is booked for week 7.

All of the babies have been on multiple carried "walks" around the local residential area, have been introduced to around 100 people already. This has been a particular challenge due to covid travel restrictions but it is critical for their socialisation window.

Week 7

Now that we have been able to observe our puppies going on a few car rides, being microchipped and having their BAER tests carried out we have an even closer evaluation of their temperaments as well as the results of their hearing test. We have 19/22 hearing ears, three of our pups have unilateral hearing so considerations will go forward on those pups to ensure they are with the right homes.

Week 8

Our babies are heading to their new homes this week with the exception of Orange and Lime...

Orange is going to go to a performance home and will stay with us until the arrangements are fully confirmed. Lime will be staying with us, rather unexpectedly, but a happy surprise all in all. He is LUA and full hearing with lovely structure and a great temperament so will hopefully go on to share those genes in the future. 

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